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Requisition Cash Advances

Contractor Solutions:

Cash When You Need it Most

Our Requisition Cash Advances save contractors who are unable to get financing because of a lack of credit, past credit issues or limited credit availability. We help contractors keep a project from stalling due to a lack of funds by providing cash advances on payroll and material costs based on owner-approved requisitions.

Key Features Include:

  • Up to 50% cash advance on approved requisitions for payroll or materials
  • Discount material negotiations with vendors
  • Negotiate favorable financing terms for equipment purchases.
Requisition Cash Advances

More Information about Requisition Cash Advances

Contractors can enjoy the relief of knowing their labor contractors will be paid on time and they can afford materials to get the job done. Requisition Cash Advances can also maximize the dollars contractors make on the job by lowering costs. Advances can be used to negotiate discounts with vendors in exchange for early payments or to make bulk equipment purchases for discounted pricing. There is no limit to how many advances a contractor may request.

Unlike other programs, there are no upfront costs, no closing costs, no annual rate, no late payment rate, and 2-year financials are not required.

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