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Project Accounting

Contractor Solutions:

Back Office Support That Saves Money & Keeps Projects Running Smoothly

Get increased risk protection, peace of mind and cost savings with Project Accounting. Our team of experienced construction accountants help to manage a project’s finances from start to close out.

Key Features Include:

  • Critical back office work is taken off your plate so that you can focus on getting the job done
  • Vendors are paid on time or early
  • Invoices are carefully reviewed for overbilling and errors
  • Change orders are submitted and processed on time
Project Accounting

More Information about Project Accounting

Project Accounting can help contractors with credit issues or troubled finances stabilize their business and increase their credit rating. One of the key benefits of Project Accounting is it can be used as an alternative to putting up collateral, which is often a requirement for surety bonds.

Throughout the process, we make sure no money gets away from the contractor. We do this by carefully reviewing invoices for inaccuracies or overbilling, and submitting change orders on time.

Project Support Services

  • AIA Billing Issues Support
  • Project Manager/Owner Communication Support
  • Change Order Submission Strategies
  • Risk Management Support
  • Claims Prevention Strategies

Financial Support Services

  • Accounts Receivable Tracking
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Discounted ADP Payroll Services

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