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Payroll Services

Contractor Solutions:

Discounted Payroll Services

Processing payroll accurately and on time is crucial for keeping a contractor’s business in operation. We offer discounted payroll services through our Contractor Credit Program. This additional feature rounds out our comprehensive Project Accounting services and allows us to oversee all of the contractor’s back office tasks.

Key Features Include:

  • Receive payroll services at a discounted rate
  • Work with ADP, a trusted payroll provider
  • Add payroll services on top of Project Accounting to have all back office administration handled by Ox Bonding

More Information About Discounted Payroll Services

With payroll services provided through ADP, you can remain compliant with tax regulations and prevailing wages. That means you are less likely to face fines and penalties from State and Federal Labor departments. End-of-year tax filing is simplified with accurate payroll reporting, and paperless 1099s for your employees.

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