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What Is AVirginia Contractor License Bond?

It is unfortunate that those proverbial “bad apples” have to ruin things for the rest of us, but such is life. This is particularly troubling when a few bad contractors make it tough for other contractors to get work by using funds inappropriately or doing bad work. This is why states like Virginia now ask that all contractors obtain the surety bonds known as contractors’ license bonds before they are issued permits to work.

This sort of bond is taken from a VA surety bond company and essentially guarantees that the contractor will use funds towards the project and in an ethical manner. The bond also ensures that the project is performed according to established rules and guidelines.

If you are a contractor working in Virginia, you need to know that you must get surety bonding of this kind if you hope to begin any project. You can turn to Ox Bonding as they are a trusted provider of VA bonds of all kinds.

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