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What Is A Indiana Veterinarian License Bond?

For IN practitioners who provide animal medical services, a veterinarian license bond is required. This is a form of surety bonding that creates a level of trust between you and your clients. You want to work with a surety bond company that has experience with Indiana requirements for veterinarians and that understands IN regulations as they apply to surety bonding.

In Indiana, veterinarians cannot practice without surety bonding. If you do not have current surety bonding, you’re not in compliance with IN law. Getting bonding is not difficult and, provided you’re working with a good surety bond company, you can be certain that you’re getting the right type and amount of bonding.

Talk to the experts at Ox Bonding to get the surety bonding you need to stay in business as a veterinarian in Indiana. Your customers, the state and you all deserve the trust that surety bonding can provide.

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