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What Is A Indiana Private Investigator Bond?

Indiana requires that private investigators are bound by law and guarantee to be ethical and upstanding in their field.  In fact, before licensing is given, a private investigator must execute a surety bond for $7,000 in order to assure compliance.  This bond protects the obligee, which is the state in this case, not you as the investigator.

However it is required in the event of major loss, usually stemming from questionable behavior or bad financial decisions made by the investigator that results in damages.  An investigator has an obligation to follow all laws applicable, including Indiana state law as well as local laws of the county.  The private investigator bond you pay for every year holds your accountable for all ethical decisions and business decisions.

A bond is a must because it lets the state know that you can be trusted.  Ox Bonding is a surety bonding company that can help you quickly file and execute this procedure.  Contact them and ask for a quote so you can get your business going!

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