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What Is A Indiana Cemetery Permit Bond?

If you are in the Indiana cemetery industry you will likely be required to provide the state with cemetery permit bonds before they can issue you a license to do business. Cemetery permit bonds are a form of license and permit bonds that are required by the state to ensure that the contractor complies with all state laws and regulations within the cemetery industry. Without surety bonding you will not be allowed to legally operate a cemetery business.

Both privately owned and publically operated cemeteries are required by IN to follow strict state and local regulations, including being licensed and bonded. Cemetery permit bonds are offered through a surety bond company to protect the public and state from any unlawful or fraudulent activity performed by the cemetery company.

If you are a cemetery company located in the state of Indiana and you need to apply for, or upgrade, your cemetery permit bond Ox Bonding can help you to do so quickly, easily, and affordably.

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