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What Is A Warranty Bond?

When a client chooses to have contract work on their home or property, they are putting a great deal of trust into that contractor who will be doing that work. Because there is risk to this, the contractor should secure a warranty bond. Warranty bonds ensure that clients are able to have peace of mind in the work that will be done to their property.

A warranty bond serves an important purpose. This type of security bond will indicate to your clients that you have taken extra steps to prove your trustworthiness. As a contractor, your security bonds are stating that you have a history of trustworthiness and this is why the state granted you the bond. Additionally, you are letting the client know that they are not defenseless should the work done on their property be subpar, dangerous, or unethical in any manner whatsoever.

Warranty bonds are important to the client and the contractor. If you need to apply for one of the bonds, then the professionals at Ox Bonding can help you.

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