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Private Investigator Bond (Private Investigator License)

In order to work as a private investigator, a professional must get the proper licensing and bonding. The private investigator bond is a type of surety bond designed specifically for this profession. This bond is required by law for every private investigator who is practicing their service.

The point of the private investigator license or bond (the two terms can be used interchangeably) is to protect clients of that profession. If the private investigator should make unethical decisions with the client’s information or funds, then the private investigator bond will be providing that victim with a legal method of recourse against the private investigator. The wronged client would be able to file against that bond to receive reparations and it could result in fines or fees against the unethical investigator.

The private investigator bond provides a great deal of dependability for the professional when they are approved and licensed by the state. If you need to apply for your private investigator bond, then Ox Bonding is here for you. We can help with new applications and renewals alike.

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