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What Is A Notary Bond?

A notary must spend a great deal of time working with legal documents and information. Because they have such a vast amount of authority, the notary often must get a surety bond. The surety bond for a notary is generally required before they can begin notarizing any documents whatsoever.

In this surety bond, a notary gets protection as do the people involved in the legal situation and the court system. The bond is designed to solve issues through a risk management method. The people who need documents notarized will be better protected against errors from that notary, including fraud and unethical services. In the event of a notarial error, the bond would come into play, allowing the victim of that error to file for reparation.

Ox Bonding offers everything you need to apply for notary bonds whether you are new to the service or you are just getting ready to renew a notary license. We can help you ensure that you have the proper surety bond so that you may begin notarizing documents.

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