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What Is A Home Dealer Bond (Mobile Home Dealer)?

Surety bonds are designed to protect individuals who become clients of a company, service, or professional. The mobile home dealer bond is designed for the purpose of protecting clients of mobile home dealers. Anyone who will be selling either new or used mobile homes will be required by the law to apply for and get approved for this surety bond.

When a company or individual applies for a mobile home dealer bond, they are indicating to their customers and potential customers that they can be trusted to provide high quality and trustworthy services. Mobile home dealer bonds show that the professional will provide ethical services with the sale of the mobile home, with the client’s money, and with sensitive information. Should any unethical processes take place; the client will be able to file against that bond.

There are different types of mobile home dealer bonds. In order to choose the proper one, Ox Bonding can help you apply and get approved today.

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