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What Is A Collection Agency Bond?

A collection agency is a company that is considered high risk in a number of ways. Because they collect debts, they often have negative reputations among the public. Additionally, the company constantly handles sensitive information like the customer’s personal details and financial details. Because of this, the collection agency bond is a must. This surety bond lends credence and dependability to the bonded agency.

In order to protect themselves and their clients, a collection agency should have the proper surety bond. This collection agency bond indicates that the company has been approved by the state to offer ethical and professional services. This bond also gives the client a plan of action should the collection agency do anything illegal or unethical that affects that client in a negative way.

If you want to run a collection agency, then you need to get approved for a collection agency bond. Ox Bonding provides you with the guidance you need to get properly bonded.

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