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See How Ox Bonding’s Unique Services Save Contractors Frustration and Money While Fueling Business Growth

Ox Bonding Supports Contractor Awarded $7.6 million Dollar Contract

Utilizing a combination of Ox Bonding’s products and services including working capital advances, payroll, and surety, an old-line mechanical contractor received a contract with much higher credit limits than were otherwise available. Whether small or large, Ox Bonding is proud to contribute to this company’s enormous ambitions and future success.

Ox Champions $1.8 million Solar Energy Project

Denied bonding from traditional sureties, one contractor was unable to win jobs that matched his expertise in solar energy construction. With careful review of this client’s ability to complete awarded projects in the past, Ox Bonding felt certain of their capacity to carry out a $1.8 million job. Fulfilling expectations, this contractor successfully completed the project, and was consequently awarded two additional jobs, currently nearing completion. Providing bonding to capable contractors considered “high risk”, is what sets the Ox apart from traditional sureties.

Contractor Receives 30th Bond With The Ox

The pressure most contractors encounter during extended requisition cycles can become a burden and a distraction from project logistics. Using Ox Bonding’s Working Capital Advance Program, a Louisiana based contractor was able to obtain advances against their requisitions and receive the cash flows they needed to complete their awarded jobs. Now on his 30th bond, this contractor is working simultaneously on 5 homebuilding projects in New Orleans for Katrina victims, because of the support from Ox Bonding. For more information about our Working Capital Advance Program and bonding make sure to visit our website.

Kim Paulicelli, President, Premier Mechanical Services, Inc.

“The additional services now being offered are presented with the clear intention of helping the “small business” compete and succeed in a very difficult economy.”

Dennis Roberts, Rocon Contracting, Inc.

“The advance pay option has truly helped us with our cash flow on these projects. Additionally, the quick pay has enabled us to negotiate considerable discounts with our subs, suppliers and vendors… Thanks for being innovative and flexible.”

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