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About Ox Bonding

Ox Bonding is a leader in credit and bonding services. We offer traditional commercial surety bonds to the millions of American business that are required to post a bond under the terms of their licenses. We also offer a unique and innovative program aimed at the small and mid-sized contractor, the Contractor Credit Program (CCP).

Every contracting company has different needs. Some are seeing a construction boom in their area, and want to take advantage of the opportunity to grow. Other companies may be dealing with past financial issues, or may simply be lacking a financial history. Whatever the reason, many of America’s contractors have been cut off from access to traditional credit and bonding lines. This lack of access makes it harder for them to find work and support their families. The Contractor Credit Program was developed to keep all of these contractors working.

Ox Bonding’s approach to underwriting is different from traditional surety carriers. At Ox Bonding our risk management focuses on ensuring that the contractor is able to “perform” the job. We have staffed our underwriting team with people from the construction industry who are able to assess the applicant’s ability to perform the job, looking carefully at the applicant’s experience and capacity related to the work being bonded. We also look at how the contractor has performed on previous jobs. To us, we don’t believe a contractor’s credit score reflects on whether the contractor is experienced and capable of completing a job. As we like to say, “At The Ox, we underwrite experience, not a credit score.”

This program is getting contractors back to work and provides them with the support to see the job through. In addition to providing the bond that is required before a contractor can begin a job, Ox Bonding also provides a thorough review of the project contract, project accounting services, and requisition cash advances to see the job to completion, as well as bill payment and supplier discount negotiation services.

Ox Bonding: Helping to Put America’s Contractors Back to Work.

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